Publication Ethics

Ethical behavior is expected from all of them involved in the publishing process. Open Access Pub aims to follow COPE guidelines with respect to publication ethics.

. Author Specifications

i. OAP expects authors to submit work which is not under consideration for peer review elsewhere; concur with the article processing Charges once informed. If any findings of inaccuracy or significant errors in article the author should cooperate to correct the paper to increase its scientific value.
ii. We do not encourage scientific misconduct, unethical publishing behavior by submitting the same manuscript to more than one Journal, devoid originality in article or representing plagiarized data, authors failing to provide disclosures and conflicts of interest, duplication of text or figures.

Editor Specifications

Hold the responsibility to give a precise decision in the publication of articles, being confidentiality in protecting the original content, fair play in evaluating the manuscript, cooperating if any ethical complaints presented for the submitted manuscripts.

. In respect to Reviewers

Contribution to editorial decisions, promptness in prior informing to the editor if feels unqualified for review or unable to give a prompt review, treating the manuscripts as confidential documents, maintain standards of objectivity by expressing their views evidently. Reviewers are not encouraged to misuse the original content for their own research conduct.

✒ Animal Research

Laboratory animals are to be treated according to the rules and are to be handled with care. Precautionary measures undertaken while performing the experiment are to be mentioned. Otherwise it will be treated as violation of law. No scientific fraud and falsely research will be entertained. Serious action will be taken regarding the (fraudulent) scientific misconduct.

✒ Human Subjects

Research Obtain the consent from all involved in study only after disclosing the possible outcome or any other situations, regarding the result of the failure of the experiment also. Privacy and strict confidentiality is to be maintained whenever necessary. Do not influence population or individuals by greatly rewarding them for the manipulation purpose.

✒ Copyright violations

Copyright violations are also considered unethical.