Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Science And Technology

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Advanced Pharmaceutical Science And Technology-Topical and transdermal delivery-Niketkumar Patel

United States

QS Pharma

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Niketkumar Patel


3, Chelsea Parkway, Boothwyn,
PA 19061.

Research Interests:

  • Topical and transdermal delivery, Iontophoretic drug delivery, formulation of liposomes, ethosomes, microemulsion, and solid lipid nanoparticles
  • Oral delivery: dissolution enhancement techniques including particle size reduction, solid dispersion, SMEDDS and drug nanoparticles, controlled release and modified release oral delivery such as tablets, microspheres.
  • Disintergation, Dissolution, Design of experiments, Quality by Design and PK studies, IVIV


  • I have earned PhD in Pharmaceutics fron St. Johns' University and currently working as Formulation Scientist developing formulations for P-I/P-II/P-III clinical suppyl.
  • Basic understanding of skin permeation and formulations for the transdermal delivery.
  • Mentored the research work associated with formulation of Solid dispersions and SMEDS to improve dissolution rate of poorly soluble drug. Hands on experience and expertise in evaluation of the solubility/miscibility data, selection of excipients to avoid crystallization for final stable formulations, Ternary phase diagrams to select stable micro emulsions regions and also in vivo aspects of final fate of formulations.
  •  Assisted in the project involving oral delivery of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs) for oral intestinal lymphatic delivery in order to avoid/reduce first pass metabolism.
  • Knowledge and understanding of formulation and delivery aspects of Ethosomes, polymer based nanoparticles and drug nanoparticles (upstream/downstream) process as a part of other lab projects.
  • In vivo permeation study of tacrine hydrochloride in SD rats and determination of pharmacokinetic parameters and PK analysis with WinNonlinÂ.
  • Statistical evaluation of the data with Minitab and IVIVC study with Microsoft excel.