International Journal of Coronaviruses

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Aims and Scope

IJCV was Launched on April 23, 2020.

We launched this journal with an aim of distributing the knowledge on the pandemic- “COVID-19”. Articles in the form of Research, Review, Short Communication, Rapid Communication, Mini-Reviews, Clinical images, Perspectives, Case Reports, Clinical Trials and Opinions, Letter to the Editor and Editorials are published under this journal.

Case Reports, Clinical Trials, and Opinions on COVID-19 are encouraged and accepted in 7 days with an aim of spreading the latest information to the researchers.

Articles concentrating on the below-outlined scope are invited, but not strictly confined.

  • 3D Printing

  • Artificial Intelligence Significance

  • Virus Behaviour in the body

  • Big Data

  • Dietary measures to improve the immunity

  • DNA of the virus.

  • Effect on Chemotherapy patients

  • Effect on Neonates

  • Etiology of the COVID-19.

  • How is COVID-19 diagnosed and treated?

  • How to stay healthy.

  • Impact of COVID on pets

  • Impact of Immunity

  • Impact on Aged Groups

  • Impact on Agriculture

  • Impact on Cancer Patients

  • Impact on Cardiac Patients

  • Impact on Diabetic Patients

  • Impact on Environment

  • Impact on HIV patients

  • Impact on people affected by Chronic Diseases

  • Impact on the world’s economy

  • Is it a Bioware? Why?

  • Model-Based Research

  • Robotics role in treating COVID patients

  • Role of Alcohol-based Sanitizers

  • How the virus is spreading?

  • Role of antioxidants to improve the immunity

  • Role of Robots to reduce human to human interaction?

  • Role of Structural Biology

  • Role of Systems Biology

  • Role of The Chemists in drug development

  • Safety measures to be adopted by Nurses and doctors

  • Safety precautions to overcome the virus

  • Statistical report on COVID-19.

  • Stem Cells significance in treating COVID-19.

  • Structure and function of the virus

  • Symptoms of COVID-19.

  • The toxic level of the virus

  • What do I do if I Feel Sick?

  • What is isolation?

  • What is self-quarantine?

  • What is social and physical distancing?

  • What is the exact meaning of COVID-19?

  • What is the incubation period for COVID-19?

  • What type of changes occurs in health?

  • Which age persons are more affected by this?

Interested researchers can raise their profile and lead a special issue on COVID-19 as a guest editor.

Instructions on how to format a proposal are updated at the

All questions can be redirected to [email protected]


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